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As a Cricket lover, we all know about Dada’s captaincy made Their Players to Reach the Peak. Even he couldn’t able to win some memorable trophies but under his captaincy every player reached their peak level. Most important thing was Sachin played very well under Sourav captaincy. He is the one who hit the highest level in cricket. We all know that Sachin was good in all formats.

It is very hard for a batsman to maintain 60+ average in Test matches. Sachin is the only player who had above 60+ averages in all Test series under Sourav captaincy. Tats the reason he was called as Master of blaster. Dada once as a Captain of Indian team had undergone many decisions that are favor to our country and Players boldly.

Dada’s Captaincy made Their Players to Reach the Peak

Many examples are there to prove that Ganguly was bold minded. This will be fine, Australia Vs India a fine test series at Kolkotta. The situation had turned out from Dada’d hand. At that time instead of believing in batting, Sourav believe in bowlers. As the result, India wins that series. This will be speaking up to his entire career. He always had a strong belief on his players. Ganguly holds a special place in youngster’s heart because he gave chances for many newly arrived players.

Even players also didn’t made ganguly to sad. They performed very well in their debuts. One of the finest decisions made by Sourav was our present Indian skipper, MSD. He is the one who give chance to MSD to bat. That’s the starting point of Dhoni in his career. After that match,

MSD holds a special place in hearts of all cricket fans. As a batsman, Sourav plays a defense style of cricket. A style of aggression will be made when Dada on ground. Some players even played more than his effort under Dada’s captaincy. That’s the power of Former Indian skipper, Sourav Ganguly.

Best Finds of Indian players:

Sourav made some find for Indian cricket team. The players as follows Sachin, Dravid, Sehwag, Irfan, Harbhajan Singh. These players are feeling too good when played under captaincy of Ganguly. Ganguly was not restricted with any circumstances and conditions. He wasn’t felt shy of expressing his emotions. NatWest Series of 2002 is the best example of his way of expressing his emotions.

Sourav showed his bare body by removing his T-shirt and started shouting. Recently Sehwag tweeted about Ganguly with those memories on Lords, “Dada turned to salman khan by showing his body at lords, but now he is with boot suit”. Above mentioned players are all hiked to peak when under Ganguly’s captaincy.

Once MSD came in, senior players are filtered. Youngsters had the chance on their hands to win. Even before playing under Sorav’s captaincy, Sachin was a sensational player amazed with his talents and batting skills. On such time, Sachin acts as a key player for lot of matches.

But under captaincy of Ganguly, Sachin plays 42 tests series. Allover that 42 matches, Sachin scores around 38000 runs with better average range of 62.80. Not only in Test matches, In ODI sachin scored around 4500 runs in just 101 matches by having 50.0 of average. Such a famous player accepts that he was felt well under dada’s captaincy. Once a time, that Ganguly and sachin opens up the match as openers, they hold the record of best openers. After Sehwag starts to open the match with Sachin,

They break the record of best opening partnerships. The Master of Blaster accepted that Sourav brought best of him while playing. The pasiion on cricket made Sourav to continue as Commentator and as good position in ICCI.

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