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The main concept of cricket is to play by using a ball that is hard and small in size with red color usually. The ball is thrown by a bowler towards the person who is standing against him. The person standing against has to protect his body from the ball and play it with the help of bat. The opponent player defending the ball is called a batsman. Detailed Information about Cricket as well as Cricket Rules, Cricket was invented by English and it is a national game of England.

While batting cricket rules are, you will have to bat as long as you don’t get out. However, there are limited over games in cricket as well. In limited over games, you will have to bat until the last ball of last over however, if you will get out before the end of permitted over, you will have to bowl and field provided you were batting first in the match.

Detailed Information about Cricket as well as Cricket Rules

In cricket rules, there is a term used as duck which means that a player gets out without even scoring any runs. If you get out without scoring any runs and you don’t even touch the ball for once, you will be called royal duck or golden duck. Sometimes, no runs are scored in an over. If you are the player who is facing the ball and you don’t score any run during whole over then you will not be termed as a duck but it will be called a maiden over.

This situation is good for bowler but for a batsman, a maiden over can create a lot of trouble and pressure. Due to this pressure a player may try to hit a good stroke on the ball and get out. On the other hand if the ball is been hit quite hard with the bat then it can either be a six or a four.

According to cricket rules and regulation

there are two umpires on the ground. One umpire is called wicket umpire and the other is called a leg umpire. Both umpires have different responsibilities. There is another umpire as well who doesn’t work inside the ground. This umpire is called a third umpire and sometimes it is also termed as TV umpire. The responsibility of TV umpire is to examine the appeal of someone regarding wicket or any runs.

As far as the playing teams are concerned, i.e. the teams or perhaps nations that are into global cricket are seen, there’s a lot of nations that form the portion of cricket game as a whole. A couple of them includes the South Africa, the Pakistan, the New Zealand, the Australia, the India, the Zimbabwe, the Ireland, the Bangladesh, the Sri Lanka, the England along with the list continues so on.

Each one of these teams forms an integral part within the cricket world cup too. A lot of the nations around the world among them are very well-liked by the mass that the majority the times show best activities. Out of the previously listed countries, the most successful consist of the Sri Lanka, the South Africa, the Pakistan, the Australia as well as also India. When there is a cricket match among any of these nations, the thrill as well as also enjoyment gets doubled.

The longest cricket game is termed as Test cricket and a test match can last for 5 days. This 5 day cricket test match can evaluate the stamina, temperament and fitness of players. However, to bring more excitement in cricket, 50 over and 20 over matches have also been introduced. These limited over matches help the players to show their skills instantly and get more praise from the fans.

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