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How to Play Smart in Online Texas Hold'em Poker?

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So, you have decided to try your hand at an online game of Texas Hold’em. You’ve never played the game before and you have no idea what you’re doing or maybe you have played before but didn’t win. Maybe you’ve played and lost so many times you decided to check out some tips on How to Play Smart in Online Texas Hold’em Poker?  Whatever your case may be, here are the Texas Hold’em Poker tips that you can use to improve your game play:

How to Play Smart in Online Texas Hold’em Poker?

How to Play Smart in Online Texas Hold'em Poker?

How to Play Smart in Online Texas Hold’em Poker?

The Basics

Ok, so let’s start off easy- strategy. You need to have one. You can’t just go into a game unprepared. So, you need a strategy. For that, the essential information here is the interaction between players, the advantages of the positions at the table and, of course, the odds. In order to play the game successfully, you’ll need to understand this.


This is one of the most important parts in Texas Hold’em. This is what you build your entire Position Strategy on. The best position to be on is on the button, that’s the dealer. This is good because of the dealer bets last, and therefore has the most information on the other players. The person to the right of the dealer can potentially have even more power than the dealer, as he’s the one who can change the bid of the dealer last second. The worst positions are the ones that are early, the small blind being the worst of them all.

When to call, raise or go all in

Here are a few situations on when to call:

A calling is a neutral move, it can be used as an almost counter bluff. Meaning, if you have a good hand, but don’t want the other players to know about that, calling is the perfect move.

You can also call if you want to keep playing and stay in the game but limit your potential losses.

If your intention is to bluff, later on, calling in the early parts of the game can mask your intentions and your opponents will think you have a really good hand.

When to raise

If you’re under the belief that you have the best hand, raise. And raise big. The other, weaker players will be scared and will probably fold.

Raising to bluff is a well-known move. It’s all about making the other players think you have a great hand, even when you have nothing, and it might make them fold. It’s a risky move, for sure, but it’s worth a try.

This is also a good way to raise information. See how the other players act when you raise. Will they raise, call, fold? You’ll learn a lot about how strong their hands are.

 When to go all in

This is the move that has the biggest payoff but is also the biggest risk. That’s why you should only do it when you believe you have the best hand or you’ve already established a really good bluff. This is the biggest psychological move in the game, as it can truly convince the other players you have the best hand at the table.

Now, you have gone over some basic, but very important strategies in the game. Don’t forget, practice makes perfect. So, always play a few free games first just to get a feel for it before you step up.

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