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Informative advises in the most common bets in baccarat, Banker hand and player hand are the two most common bets in Baccarat that people play. But these best are supplemented with other bets to increase the chances of winning for the players and to ensure that they win even when outside the main table.

The tie, is the common side bet where players have a chance to get a payout from 8 to 1. This happens when the banker’s and player’s hand end up with the same level of the cards. There is a 9.5% probability of a tie occurring which makes the house edge commission to be 14.5%. However if the casino pays 9 to 1, then house edge drops to 14%.

Informative advises in the most common bets in baccarat

The pairs is another common side bet that has been tried by many gamblers. It pays from 11 to 1 when there is match on the selected hand for the first two cards. The odds here are poor but the occurrence is 7.4% which translates to a house edge of only 10.36%. Besides these two, casinos are coming up with a lot of side bets variance in a bid to attract more fans at all times. That is why there are more of them as side bets.

The best and affordable Baccarat Bonus

This is offered only at the Baccarat tables and it has payouts of 4 to 1 among other major options. The 4 to 1 is given at 3 cards. It also pays out 10 to 1 for three unsuited cards. There is a wonderful payout of 10000 for three pairs of spades that people get in every game. The bonus side bet comes with a house edge of 9.8% and people can win it any time they have the three above options. You need to ensure that you maximum amount of wagers at all time.

Double fortune pairs. This is in double fortune baccarat and it is played with two shoes. What happens is that it allows a single bet to be placed on the banker’s and players first two cards. Should it happen that one pair is formed on any of the hand, the side bet pays 2:1. If one pair happens to form on every game, then the payout is 5:1 which is a good deal to rely on at all times. The same game can have two pairs formed on it and this normally pays 10:1. This is the best payout on this type of side bet.

Elite bets

Here wagers are placed on specific sites occurring from 0-9. A good example is the 0-0 which pays from 160:1 and it has a house edge commission of 6% with an occurrence percentage of 5%. There are various payouts for different ties and you will have to check the casino protocols for such information before playing the game.

House age range for all the bets starts from 8% to 10.5% and if it goes beyond that, then beware of the casino taking advantage of your betting. Super sevens and triple match are among the kind of side bets that are offered.

In our casino, we offer maximum amount of side bets that you should consider looking at the rules before you bet. You can get maximum winnings if you are keen enough because we have the simplest gambling rules in town. This is what makes us to be among the best at all time. To ensure that you are always safe, ask our dealers who are there every hour to ensure that you enjoy a safe betting experience. This is what keeps you a victor always you play the game.

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