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Monte Cristo is a title in the Casual Game segment at Cryptologic online gambling clubs. This is a sub segment of openings recreations. The Casual Games don’t take after the careful structure of ordinary opening diversions, however are typically taking into account getting some arrangement of images. Monte Cristo themed slot far from even this mold.

Monte Cristo Themed Slot

It is portrayed as an Arkanoid-like amusement, aside from that the player does not control the articles on the screen. Monte Cristo depends on the great novel of interest and reprisal The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. In any case, there is little included worth for those players who are acquainted with the story.

The images are laid out on the screen in a particular example. A ball is haphazardly discharged and can ricochet against ten images. Every image starts an alternate activity when struck by the ball. The greater part of the images at the same time deteriorate and uncover the images behind. Four of the images offer payouts. The blue gemstone offers a payout of 100 times the activating wager.

Payout for the fortune

For the ring is 5 times and for the gold coins is 0.5 times. There are three sorts of dividers. The ball skips of the Wall without crumbling it. The Soft Wall breaks down after two bobs. The Damaged Wall breaks down promptly. There are four uncommon images too. The Heart image includes three bobs. The Bomb recompenses wins from all-encompassing images.

The Skull is the hazardous one since it prematurely ends the diversion. Regularly every new diversion begins with an invigorated guide. The Venetian Mask honors one amusement without the guide invigorating. This implies a large number of the paying images are presented in any case and payouts are much higher.

Cryptologic Monte Cristo offers the obligatory extra amusements as in online spaces. Five free adjusts are recompensed when the free amusements image is hit in the fundamental diversion. At the point when the image is hit in the free diversions mode then one extra free amusement is recompensed.

The key is the reward image. At the point when the key is hit the player is taken to a second screen. He needs to pick one of two entryways and wins the prize uncovered behind the entryway. In this way the screen continues showing entryways in sets till the player uncovers a booby. The reward amusement then finishes. In the event that more than one reward image is hit in the same diversion then the payouts are duplicated by the quantity of extra images hit.

The Monte Cristo Casual Game comprises of various diverse maps with various designs of images. The guide changes all alone in an altered timetable. This keeps fatigue from setting in. Likewise the free recreations are played on an alternate guide. The wager sum per amusement can be changed from $0.02 to $500.

The typical Cryptologic online spaces components are accessible in Monte Cristo. There are three amusement speeds. The speediest is quick to the point that everything happens in a glimmer and every ricochet is not perceivable. Both the standard and the propelled auto play are likewise accessible. Monte Cristo is live at Cryptologic online gambling clubs like InterCasino and VIP Casino.


There you have it the most recent developing creation by Amaya Gaming. Monte Cristo is certainly one of the more created recreations to be dispatched in an incredible while and is ensured to awe all space players. Additionally, Monte Cristo slot machine game can be play in any casino slot outlet.

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