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Some Fun Facts about Cricket

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There is no doubt about the fact that cricket is known as one of the most famous and top favorite games since the last so many centuries. Cricket is a bat and ball game which played between two teams for eleven players on the field,when you hit the ball you need to run into the base and should be safe hitting the ball is not easy because when the picher throw the ball it will bounce into the ground and you must hit it. In the countries like India, this sports is taken as a God. This game has encountered with some fun facts about cricket which we will be sharing along with our readers below:

Some fun facts about cricket

List of Interesting and Fun Facts about Cricket

Fact No 1:

Do you know that Sir Don Bradman was the player who got the chance to make the six sixes hits in this career? Well knowing about his strike rate is not a new thing but the interesting thing is that he was one of the quickest hitters of his time.

Fact No 2:

Chris Gayle is known out to be the only batsman who has undergone to hit a six. He made his shot just on the very first ball of the Test match. It is so incredible to learn out!

Fact No 3:

Vinod Kambli’s Test match average found to far better than his closest friend Sachin Tendulkar. Kambli average was recorded around to be 54.22 from the series of the test cricket while Tendulkar average was just at the rate of about 53.80. But the only little difference was that as Kambli played only 17 test and Tendulkar played about 200.

Fact No 4:

ML Jaisimha and Ravi Shastri have been mentioned out to be the only batsman in the history of the cricket who have continuously bat in the five days of the regular test match. It was no doubt the biggest achievement!

Fact No 5:

Furthermore, here we would like to mention that the only cricketer to play Test cricket from the side of the India and yet the England is the player Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi. He was famous known by the name of Tiger Pataudi.

Fact No 6:

Alec Stewart has made the score of about 8463 Test runs. It is the main reason that he is much famous known with the nickname of “Jo-Incidence with a ‘C.”

Fact No 7:

The player Wilfred Rhodes of England has hence played Test cricket until the age of 52 years old.

Fact No 8:

At the same side, Allan Border hence played over 153 consecutive Test matches. He was one of the most intelligent players of his time.

Fact No 9:

In the whole history, Sri Lanka has just made one record winning against the Aussies in the Test matches. It is sad but true! At that time the team was accompanied around with some of the legendary players such as Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, and Murli.

Fact No 10:

Until now the highest number of the score made in any over is 77, and this done under the name of New Zealand in one of the domestic matches.

Fact No 11:

Adam Gilchrist is holding the record for undergoing in appearing with the greater number of the test matches in his whole career of being a player. It is the main reason that even today he is known out to be the best wicket keeper ever.

Fact No 12:

Chris Martin and B.S Chandrasekhar are two players who have encountered their career by taking more number of wickets as compared to their score. He came up with the best score of the 123 runs that finished as in 71 test matches.

Fact No 13:

In the match of the World Cup, Sunil Gavaskar made the best score with an unbeaten 37 off 172 balls. This record is still unbeatable.

Apart from all such interesting facts, there are much more exciting happenings that took place in the world of the cricket ground. Were you aware of these all facts or not?

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