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Among so many sports in this world, Badminton is known out to be one of the most famous and top leading sports of the world. For the information of the readers here we will be having a complete discussion on things that you should know about the history of Badminton and how it originated for the very first time! If you love badminton sports, then we are sure that you would not miss out reading this post!

Things that you should know about the history of Badminton

What To Know About the History of Badminton?

 Badminton has its origins in the place of the ancient civilizations of the areas of the Europe and Asia.  At the side of the old era used to call it as the game of the bat and the shuttlecock probably was came into being in the duration of almost 2000 years ago. Afterward, at the time of the era of the 1600’s this battledore all along with the shuttlecock was came up to be the upper-class pastime in the place of England and even inside so many European countries. With the passage of each single century, the popularity of this sport raised up so much high among the people.

How Modern Badminton Started Off?

The modern style of the badminton took place just as in the mid-19th century British India. It was introduced all the way through the British military officers stationed right at that location. It hence accompanied around all the way to the famous English game of battledore as well as shuttlecock along with the infusion of the net. The game was readily famous with the name of “Poona”. For the purpose of the windy or wet conditions hence the woolen balls were introduced. Later on, in the 20th century, this sports was renamed as the “Badminton.”

When Was The First Badminton Tournament Held?

As in March in the year 1898, the very first and most wanted Open Tournament took place at the Guildford. It even welcomed the ‘All England’ event Championships even arranged within the same year. Moreover, the renowned International Badminton of Federation was set up in the year 1934 that was accompanied around with the nine founder members.

Introduction of Badminton as the Olympic Sport:

In the international event of the Olympic, this sport was rather taken up to be very much new. Hence this game was demonstrated in the year 1972 Munich Olympics. Badminton eventually made itself turn out to be the Olympic sport in Barcelona in the year 1992. At that time just the singles and along with the doubles were introduced right at the Olympic Games. Mixed doubles were later on introduced in the event of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. For the information of the readers, we would like to mention that there are just five badminton countries who grab up with the winning status of the gold medal in the event of the Olympics. In these countries, we have the names of China, Indonesia and yet the Korea, England as well as Denmark. Each single year there are so many significant events that are held just for the Badminton sports, and it does attract millions of audience.

There is no such doubt about the fact that among so many best games in the world, Badminton has made its own demanding and favorite place inside the game lovers. This game has its reputation that made it turn out to be one of the most famed and gentleman games in the world. Just like rest of the games in the world, this game has been equally meant for both men and women.

We hope that you would have grabbed enough information about the beginning of badminton sports in this world. This game has attracted millions of audience in just the small period of its establishment.

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